The Ghillie Girls: Irish Dance Pals

Irish dance is interesting, bright, colorful...and sometimes confusing! The Ghillie Girls: Irish Dance Pals is a book for children interested in this cultural art form. A blend of fact and fiction, the book follows the adventures of four very different girls who have one thing in common--their love for Irish dance. Colorful illustrations and fact-filled sidenotes describe what Irish dancers do and wear and why, while highlighting the value of things besides winning medals, like teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendship.

The Ghillie Girls began as a Christmas present for my Irish dance friends, the real life Ghillie Girls: Beki (Libby), Kim (Addy), and Jacqui (Keelin). I wanted to give them a meaningful present, and as I thought over our adventures together as Irish dancers, the idea for The Ghillie Girls book began to form. It came together in just a couple of weeks and I printed a few copies on a color copier and bound them by hand. It was a great hit! Then I decided to share the book with others and spent several months revamping it to be more informative and helpful for new dancers. The Ghillie Girls is a lot different than the Christmas presents I gave to my friends, but the basic premise is still the same: Irish dancers make great friends.

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Softcover, 8" x 10" 
24 pages
$10.99 U.S.
ISBN: 978-0-9821065-0-1
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